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Stefan Bendiks

co-partner of the interdisciplinary office Artgineering based in Rotterdam, together with Aglaée Degros. The office devises and implements design strategies whose effects extend beyond the built boundary. Inspired by the beauty in the banal, their work re-interprets the relation of built environment, landscape and infrastructure.

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Alenka Korenjak

The Ma2 group explores degraded urban situations, addresses the problems of public open space and searches for new modes of utilisation. In 2004 the group realised their first project, entitled “ProstoRož”, creating temporary installations highlighting the potential of courtyard situations in the centre of the old town. In the following year the group suggested the redefinition of urban green spaces through the installation of innovative park equipment.

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Véronique Faucher and Marc Pouzul

from atelier le balto, Berlin. As city planner (IFU Paris) and landscape architect (ENSP Versailles) by training, we work mainly on redefining and improving public and semi-public spaces in an urban environment. We try to recognize and understand their qualities, as well as to assess and show their potentials for improvement and appropriate transformation. The great majority of creations by our Berlin-based studio atelier le balto (foundation 2001) are gardens, places of communication and interaction.

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Lilli Lička

Head of ILA, Institute of Landscape Architecture, BOKU Vienna and koselička. Investigating landscape architecture in urbia and suburbia as scholar and practitioner, teaching at the BOKU, heading the institute of landscape architecture at BOKU since 2003, founder and partner of koselička, landscape architects, Vienna since 1991.

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Martin Prominski

University of Hannover. Since 2003 Assistant Professor for Theory of Contemporary Landscape Architecture at the University of Hannover. He studied in Berlin and Harvard and worked for Atelier Loidl in Berlin and Hargreaves Associates in Cambridge/MA. His ph.d. thesis („Landschaft entwerfen“, Berlin 2004) connects contemporary philosophy of science with landscape and design theory.

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Gareth Doherty

Harvard University, Cambridge. Since 2005 a doctoral candidate at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and previously studied at the University of Pennsylvania and University College Dublin. Has worked with CHORA architecture and urbanism since 2000 on projects in Ireland and the UK. His research focuses on landscape and urbanism.

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Frank Lohberg

lohrberg stadtlandschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart. Foundation of Bureau lohrberg stadtlandschaftsarchitektur in 2002. Work focuses on landscape planning and design in conurbations by promoting urban forestry and urban agriculture. Several projects, e.g. the Masterplan Emscher Landschaftspark 2010 in the Ruhr area.

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Bart Brands

director of Karres en Brands, Hilversum, together with Sylvia Karres. Winner of the European Landscape Award 2004. Their active engagement with issues beyond vegetation and planting, and in particular their investigations into the ‘urban landscape’, have led to important new models for the integration of architecture and the environment. Currently Bart Brands is adjunct professor at RMIT University (Melbourne).

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