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Landscape x—Periments

The question for the future of open space still remains. This time the focus will be put on new theoretical approaches that deal with concepts of landscape – for today and tomorrow – and thus influence the design of open spaces. Landscape is the topic and it seems as if landscape per se were a concept. Landscape is to give reason to urbanite decisions, to soften globalise harshness, to strengthen local identity, to guarantee process oriented planning, and it is to unite city and countryside. Theoretical constructs are developing that follow the landscape approach in all levels.

The symposium looks at how innovative enquiries into public spaces can develop and improve landscapes and their utilisation. Eight renowned landscape architects from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, and Ireland will present new research approaches and current projects. The University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna offers the only course in landscape architecture and planning in Austria and is currently training 900 students in these areas. An important challenge for future landscape architects will lie in their ability for lateral thinking and innovative work concepts. This requires a confident approach to one’s position and an inquisitive handling of new theories.

© koselička
© koselička