The Conference

x—LArch is a conference series on landscape architecture hosted by the ILA Institute of Landscape Architecture, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences BOKU Vienna. Core questions of landscape architectural design are put up for discussion from both a professional and scholarly perspective. The topics tackled so far have been interdisciplinary collaboration (which is what generated the “x” in the name), landscape experiments (looking for new design approaches), great landscape ideas (the underpinnings of open space designs), and historical traces as a basis for new landscapes. With edition number V, Park Politics, we take the discourse on landscape ideas further to where decisive agendas—be they hidden or apparent—are formed.

x—LArch 2018, Park Politics – International Conference is a collaboration between ILA and Az W, Austrian museum of architecture. The conference will bring together internationally renowned speakers and contributors from the realms of research and practice for three days of discussions and the exchange of ideas.

Scientific Commitee

Lilli Lička

Ulrike Krippner

Roland Tusch

Eva Schwab (until August 2017)

Scientific Advisor

Thaϊsa Way
University of Washington Seattle/USA, executive director of URBAN@UW

Organisational Staff

Project Management
Jürgen Furchtlehner
Susanne Kappeler-Niederwieser
Helga Kusolitsch

Cornelia Korsalka

Student Supporters
Tamy Bunjes
Massimo Deo
Jakob Geiseder
David Hacker
Fabian Ilse
Irene Mena
Katharina Peischl


Philipp Daun