Day 1, Thursday, June 7, Az W (free entrance)


Venue: Az W, Austrian museum of architecture

4:00 p.m.

Welcome Address — Angelika Fitz, Director Az W
Opening — Hubert Hasenauer, Rector University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU Vienna
Park Politics — Lilli Lička, Head Institute of Landscape Architecture, BOKU Vienna

4:30 p.m.

Boundary Objects: Parks, their Peripheries, and the Public Sphere
Emily Eliza Scott, Artist, Art Historian, ETH Zurich

5:15 p.m.

Politics of Open Spaces, The Urban Dimension
Bernd Belina, Geographer, Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main

6:00 p.m.

Coffee Break

6:30 p.m.

Open Space I Public Value
Johanna Gibbons, Neil Davidson, Landscape Architects, J&L Gibbons, London

7:15 p.m.

Another World is Possible: We Have to Design it
Ruedi Baur, Vera Baur, Graphic Designer, Sociologist, Paris

8:00 p.m.


Day 2, Friday, June 8, BOKU (ticket required)


Venue: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences BOKU, Vienna

8:30 a.m.

Registration (ticket required)

9:00 a.m.

Addresses — Hubert Hasenauer, Rector University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, BOKU Vienna
Lilli Lička, Head Institute of Landscape Architecture, BOKU Vienna

9:30 a.m.
Session A1
Urban Green Negotiated
Chair: Gernot Stöglehner
Session B1
Travelling Ideas
Chair: Doris Damyanovic

(Sub-)Urban Parks Negotiations
Wolfram Hoefer, Elizabeth Ravit

#Bergen County, New Jersey/USA

The Politics of Representation: Open Space Production in Informal Settlements in Bangkok, between Local and Global Ideas
Megan Waller


Urban Open Green Area Management Policy in Turkey: The Case of Kayseri
Melda Hassamancıoğlu, Idil Kanter Otçu


The Realisation of Public Open Space in the Junbesi Valley of Nepal
Beau B. Beza


The Politics of Urban Nature. Or: Why Non-Native Species are much more Accepted in the City than in the Countryside?
Annette Voigt

#Südgelände, Berlin/Germany

Production of Informal Open Spaces in Bogotá: Traveling Ideas and Global Politics
Jaime Hernández-Garcia


Reconfiguring Urban Green – Negotiations between Green Structure and Urbanism in Helsinki
Ranja Hautamäki


Traveling Ideas and the Politics of Managing Open Spaces in an Informal Settlement in Medellín
Eva Schwab

11:30 a.m.
Session Patrons: Vereinigung Ökowege / Arbeiterkammer AK Wien

Practitioners Reflections: A Walk through EMF Projects
Martí Franch Batllori, Landscape Architect, EMF, Girona

12:30 p.m.

Lunch Break

2:00 p.m.
Session A2
High Expectations
Chair: Thomas Schauppenlehner
Session B2
Park Dilemmas
Chair: Katrin Hagen

Parks Adolescents to be Physically Active, but They Need Hammocks, too!
Irene Bittner, Gerda Schneider

#Allerheiligenpark, Vienna/Austria

“How Much for a Tree?” — Restaging Park Politics as a Tragic Play about Green Urban Values
Maria Hellström Reimer, Monika Gora, Gunilla Bandolin

#Gottorp Manor, Malmö/Sweden

Urban Gardening as a Possible Way of Using Public Parks?
Krista Willman

#Koskipuisto Park, Tampere/Finland

The Making of Parks and their Social Aftermath: Landscape Architecture Ethics Revisited
Naama Meishar

#Jaffa Slope Parks, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa/Israel

Park Works
Ed Wall

#Des Moines, Iowa/USA

Deciphering Constructed Migrant Subjectivities in Park Design: Politicising Landscape Architecture as Cultural Practice
Burcu Yigit-Turan

#Superkilen, Copenhagen/DK; Gottsundo Center,
Fadimes Plats, Uppsala/Sweden

Urban Ecologies of Candomblé in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
Gareth Doherty

#Salvador de Bahia/Brazil

Parks as Gifts – an Exchange Theoretical Approach to the Shifting Nature of Park
Staffan Schmidt, Peter Parker

4:00 p.m.

Coffee Break

4:30 p.m.
Session Patron: City of Vienna, MA 19 – Urban Design

Practitioners Reflections: Good Morning, City!
Isolde Rajek, Landscape Architect, rajek barosch, Vienna

5:30 p.m.
Session A3
Decisive Programs
Chair: Ellen Braae
Session B3
Park Narratives
Chair: Roland Tusch

High Line Act(s): Politics, Power, Aesthetics and Ecology in Public Urban Space
Joern Langhorst

#High Line, New York/USA

Whose Park is it? – Transferring Political Design Approaches from Emscher to Reconquista
Lisa Diedrich, Flavio Janches


Tough Choice – Easy Decision: How to Handle Interventions in Public Urban Space
Jürgen Furchtlehner, Georg Bautz


Landscapes of Remembering and Forgetting.
The Political Dimension of Post-Military Landscapes

Verena Butt


Locating “the Public” in Public Art/Space
Joni M. Palmer


Remembrance in Public Space – The Specific Case of Public Green Space
Philipp Rode

8:00 p.m.

Garden party (informal, including buffet dinner, meat and vegetarian options)
Schönborn Garden Palace, Volkskundemuseum (The Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art)
Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna

Day 3, Saturday, June 9, BOKU (ticket required)


Venue: University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences BOKU, Vienna

9:00 a.m.
Session C1
Park History
Chair: Ulrike Krippner

Park Politics in Oslo 1920–1940 – Implementation and Reception
Karsten Jørgensen

#Oslo/Norway, 1920–1940

Interplay between Party Politics and Park Identity: The Case of Gençlik Park, Ankara
Müge Akkar Ercan

#Cençlik Park, Ankara/Turkey, 1943–2014

Nature and Urban Politics in the Landscape of the Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv City
Shirily Gilad-Ilsar

#Yarkon Park, Tel-Aviv/Israel, 1941–2003
11:00 a.m.

Coffee Break

11:30 a.m.
Session Patron: Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich

Practitioners Reflections: Berlin's Park am Gleisdreieck or the Art of Creating Lively Places
Leonard Grosch, Landscape Architect, Atelier Loidl, Berlin

12:30 p.m.
Session C2
Collective Efforts
Chair: Saskia de Witt

Productive Parks – an Emerging Landscape of Co-Production
Axel Timpe

#Productive Parks

The Role of Health and Wellbeing in the Politics of Park Funding and its Impact on their Design
Julian Dobson, Nicola Dempsey, John Henneberry, Anna Jorgensen

#Healthy Parks

Urban Parks: Form Follows Function Follows Funding
Alan Tate

#Urban Parks
2:00 p.m.

Lunch Package

2:30 — 6:00 p.m.

Field Trip 1 — Danube Landscapes
Tour guides: Dagmar Grimm-Pretner and Ulrike Krippner, Landscape Architects, BOKU Vienna
Field Trip 2 — To the End of a Workers' District
Tour guide: Hannes Gröblacher, Landscape Architect, Artist